GOOD HEALTH IS PRICELESS - But yet, some people have the money, ready and willing to pay for restoration of health, however, and, especially, if things have degenerated over the years, money becomes a useless instrument, that goes seems to go into a bottomless tube, unable to procure good health, To mitigate scenarios of this sort, The Nigerian Community Waltham Forest is organising a one-day seminar, to make a disclosure on the number one killer disease globally; CVDs - Cardiovascular diseases - according to WHO. 

 This event has become a necessity. The NHS is completely overstretched as a result of the demands placed on it by the surging population. Budgetary allocation to the NHS have been on the downward spiral as implementation of fiscal policies dragged the NHS into a humongous debt that currently stood at £30B. Upon this, the central government is keen to make savings from the annual contributions to the NHS. Specifically, the chancellor of the exchequer demanded the NHS makes a savings of £2B by end of 2017. 

 We know already that waiting time for Ambulance attendance is now beyond 4 hours. The risk of dying within 30 days is higher among patients admitted to hospital at the weekend. Over the last decade waiting times have fallen dramatically. But the number waiting has grown to just over 3.5 million (see the NHS Business Plan 2016/17). It is the estimation of this report and many other breaking news that have compelled NICOWF to look for fundings to organise this seminar and use it as an ice-breaker to sensitise our populace. 

 We resourced well seasoned professionals in the field of health, to deliver and share the day with us. On the sideline of the guest speakers is CLAUDINE MATTHEWS of Homerton University hospital, she will deliver on Sickle Cell and Thalassemia. The Worshipful the Mayor of London Borough of Waltham Forest, Cllr Peter Herrington will open the event. His Excellency, The acting Nigerian High Commissioner will be represented by Mrs Olufolake Abdulrazaq - Hon Minister for Welfare & Education. 

 The Leader of the Council, Cllr Chris Robbins will welcome all delegates to the borough. It will be a wonderful day as the information that will shared at the event will be empowerment instrument against factors of social traps that we easily pinpoint as triggers of health problems. We may not be able to completely avoid CVDs but we can minimise our exposure to it.

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