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The Passport Joke - By Igdye

Igdye (aka - I Go Dye) was born in the late 70s in Abraka, Ethiope East Local Government Area of Delta State. The talented comedian in 1991, started his comedy career at the tender age of 13 in Delta State Television , DTV Top Show with veteran broadcaster, Tunde Omonode. collectively he was co-host presenter, of a programme called Mock News every saturday, with his friend Otaghware otas onodjayeke fondly called I Go Save. Mock News became a househood programme because of its hilarious nature, and it still remains monumental till date.

above extract from his homepage

Christmas Night Trip - London Oxford Street

NICOWF took a walk downtown London Oxford street, to appreciate the beauty of this great city and the preparations towards Christmas. This is a great city, full of great people and greater things. One wonders, why that, if London can be made this beautiful, warm alluring and splendoured to the top by the people and the government, why is it that similar replication is elusive in the continent of Africa. There is no African country that has a city, half-way beautified and crafted like most cities in Europe, yet, it is in Africa that we hear and read about leaders squandering billions of $, of hard-earned national income.

Africa, think!
What hope and what legacy will you bequeath to your children.

Chief Obafemi Awolowo: Quality Leadership

Obtained from Archive - A lesson in history

53rd Independence Anniversary Celebrations

53rd Independence Anniversary Celebrations

On the 8th of November 2013, history was made at the town hall of London Borough of Waltham Forest. The Nigeria's' national flag was raised alongside the British national flag, to mark the 50th Independence Anniversary of Nigeria. The NigerianCommunityWalthamForest (NICOWF), remain grateful to the Mayor of LBWF, Cllr Masood Ahmad, the Leader of the Council, Cllr Chris Robbins, Secretary to the Mayors' office, Mr. Steve MyHill, immediate past Mayor, Cllr Anna Mbachu and others whose names cannot be mentioned now, for their tremendous support in making this history and celebrating Nigeria.

It was raining whilst the flag was being hoisted, yet they all defied the rain to celebrate Nigeria. Little Elizabeth is the youngest Nigerian at the event, in her pushchair. In the evening of that day, a lecture/dinner held at the Councils' Chamber with the Nigerian Deputy High Commissioner, Ambassador Dozie Nwanna (OON) in attendance alongside some ECOWAS state High Commissioners. NICOWF uses this opportunity to thank all our invited guests, especially MPs from Westminster, religious leaders, youths and dignitaries that graced this occasion. Special thanks to Mr. Bernard Ampaw (CEO, OBE TV) and Stuart Emmerson for the coverage.

Thank you so much.
Debo Adewumi -Secretary (NICOWF)

The Mayor Waltham Forest

Created In London - 20 Dec 2013

53rd Independence Anniversary Celebrations

The Mayor of LBWF, His worshipful, Coucillor Nadeem Alli led the cabinet of the council to the ground where he personally monitored this years' raising of the Nigerian Flag, on the fifth occasion in LBWF. It is worthy of note that it is ONLY IN LBWF, in the whole of the UK that the Nigerian flag is raised and fly, alongside the British flag at any town hall in the UK. Nigerians in the borough have set a permanent footprint in the borough and will continue to appreciate the love, the kindness and support from the administration of the borough. We are grateful for the presence of his Worshipful on the ground of the flag raising.

The High Commissioner

53rd Independence Anniversary Celebrations Created In London - 20 Dec 2013

Ambassador Francis Ntui Enya attended the event, representing the Nigerian High Commissioner, His Excellency, Dr Dalhatu Sarki Tafida. The envoy used the opportunity to highlight the potential shifts in the pattern of work at the High Commission and insights into the good political reasons that is behind the domestic and international diplomatic strategies being delivered by the commission.

A Nigerian Artist Recent Portfolio

A Nigerian Artist Recent Portfolio - Pictures from the past